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Pandemic life

March 15, 2020

Life in a pandemic has been a surprise for everyone. We know we are lucky to be alive and to be healthy. We also have a new normal to adjust to and the rules of what to do or avoid seem to change a good bit.

How do we grow and thrive in the midst of all this? There is a lot outside of our control in this world in this time. But there is peace to be found in making positive change in small and consistent ways that are in our control.

I suggest picking one excellent habit and really making it your own. I picked eating the recommended servings of fruits and veggies everyday for this whole year. I make sure to get 5-11 servings of fruits and veggies and I make sure at least one serving is leafy greens.

So far, I have noticed my teeth and gums are healthier. My skin is less dry and has a more even complexion with much less redness. My hair is less dry.

I also feel much more at ease and able to laugh off things that might have been irritating before I started this.

In the interest of good veggies and fruits, I have also started planting a prodigious little garden out back full of food. I hope to be able to make my daily salad from plants I grow this year. Which also creates beauty and color from flowers in my backyard. It also feeds bees and butterflies and even birds in my backyard and makes me enjoy my home that much more. 

November 13. 2021

Side body.  What is the side body all about?  Who has a side body?  Does a plant have a side body?  Since it stays in one spot, a plant doesn't really have a back or front, like we do.  So then does it have sides?

Our First Blog Entry

January 15, 2020

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