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The long term effects of massage

Massage works very deeply and usually also slowly.  The muscles of the body are innervated by nerves that listen to them and also talk to them.  Massage works to get that system of muscles and nerves communicating more clearly- and more peacefully.  If we take this analogy a bit further, it could be said that pain in the body is loud. Massage clears up some discord and creates some space and opens up a dialogue in the body between some parts that have not been working well together.

Little Things

One of the ways yoga and meditation and massage could be described would be that they are all conscious cultivation of a better relationship with your own nervous system. 

Get on your yoga mat, you will sweat and breathe and move and align your nervous system in that hour.  Sit on your meditation cushion and you will close your eyes and breathe and still your focus inside your own body at your center point for that hour.  Get on the massage table and you will relax and release hormones that are aimed at feeling better and repairing your system as a whole.

Making a massage powerpoint

I have been a massage therapist for almost thirteen years.  I am supposed to put together a power point presentation about massage and its benefits and present it for half an hour at a university in a couple of days. 

Awesome, right?  Yes.

And yet I find myself stumped as I face the computer screen.  There is so much to say about massage and so much that no one will ever understand from me speaking.

I was working with a client recently who I had never worked with before.  She described herself as under a lot of stress in the interview.

Who Does Not Love a Foot Massage?

Who Does Not Love a Foot Massage?
We all do- except for very ticklish people. And even they might like it if they gave it to themselves.

Why does it feel so good?
Foot massage feels fantastic. No doubt about it. But why? The feet, the hands, and the scalp are filled with nerve endings. We sense our world with these places- they connect us to our surroundings and to the earth and each other. The feet are especially attuned to receiving massage because they are hidden away inside shoes all day. They also get sore from carrying us around and gravity pulling everything toward them from above.

I am too tense to get a massage!

As a massage therapist, I have heard many excuses for why people do not want a massage over the years. I have listed some favorites below.

I am too tense to get a massage!
I wonder what people think will happen if they are too tense and they get a massage. I always envision some sort of Star Trek scene taking place, where the unsuspecting massage therapist approaches and is repelled by the powerful force field of tension on the person’s back. A bright green light flashes and the room shakes as the massage therapist is catapulted across the room.
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