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Fences, neighbors, forgiveness

Today's guest post comes from Joel Smith.  What can I say about Joel?  He is a friend from college, so I have known him over twenty years.  He and I both have gone through many phases of our personal moons as we traversed our twenties and thirties.  Forty brings some disparate threads together and I have found myself feeling the need to weave them into something true and personal as I pass midlife and head into the second act of this play.  For Joel, this means letting go of the freedom of flying all around the globe as a flight attendant and going back home to south Georgia (from Hawaii!

An Engineer Meditates

My meditation group meets weekly and brings together all sorts of varied characters.  One of these characters is my pal, Karl Rosenblum.  He is a meditator and an engineer. He blogs about it at, so if you like his post, surf on over and check out his site.
He is today's guest blogger.

  I have the worst possible mind for meditating. Not only is my brain working overtime on ideas and next steps on everything from work, yard projects, family and blogging, but my job as a strategic planner for a manufacturing company, has me looking out in intervals of 2, 5 and 10 years in the future.

Paddling- Taking the Lessons Off the Mat

Paddling- Taking the Lessons Off the Mat

I paddled this weekend with a group in south Georgia.  We canoed and kayaked about twenty miles over the course of two days.  We had lots of rain the day before we first set sail.  This made the river full and easy to float along.  Our paddle the first day was easy, if a little cold.  The next day we had a shorter trip planned.  We expected it to be easier than the day before, with time for exploring side routes and taking in the sites.
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