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Adventures in Making a Yoga Video

Adventures in Making a Yoga Video

One thing I love about yoga is that there is always more to learn about it.  I always wanted to make a yoga video and post it on YouTube- and now I have!  It was not as hard as I imagined nor was it as easy as I hoped.  Some things I have learned so far:

Plan a fluid sequence in advance
That sounds like a no-brainer, right?  But there is something that happens once that camera is rolling that makes the flow less fluid. I found that I could do the flow on the right side of the body and then try it on the left and forget what I had just done.  Pause, freak out, retake the whole thing.  Argh!

Think about those transitions from side-to-side
How easy will it be for your students at home or at work to follow what you are doing?  Will they have to crane their necks to follow your sequence?  Are they upside down, peeking through their legs at the computer screen?  So maybe that is not a problem.  You cannot move the computer around like you would do in class, but try to think about how easy it is for the person to follow you.

Getting my whole self in the screen
I took the video three times before I figured out how to get my hand to be in the frame the entire time.  Remember that the viewers could be absolute beginners to yoga.  They will want to see that hand that is off the top of the screen.  They are following your every move like baby ducks.

To narrate or to voice-over, that is the question
Narrating as you go is probably simpler if you have little computer expertise, but it does add another challenge to the filming process.  Not only do you need to memorize the whole routine (or cue it on a dry erase board off-screen), but you need to remember what cues to give and when. 

How much talking is enough and how much is too much?
I border on being obsessed with yoga, but that may not be true of my students, live or virtual.  How much information do they really need in order to get the most benefit from their practice?  How much quiet do they need?  On video, there is the chance they will lose interest with too much silence.  In class, they probably won’t walk out if they hold a pose for two minutes in silence.  But with a yoga video, they may very well click to another video that is more engaging.

It’s a process
My first yoga video is a silent movie.  I was too nervous to speak as I did the poses and I know too little about editing to add a voice-over… yet.  But I posted it to my website nonetheless.  And a friend of mine who does video editing checked it out and offered to help me with the next one.  The adventure continues…

Check it out
Here is the link to see my five minute video that took a few hours to create.  Let me know what you think!
Visit my channel on YouTube at Yoga Makes You Well
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Pause, freak out, retake the whole thing. Argh!
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Pause, freak out, retake the whole thing. Argh!
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