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My yoga and meditation and massage mission statement and beliefs

I am a yogini, a meditator, and a massage therapist.

I believe in using the physical journey of yoga, the internal discipline of meditation, and the external discipline of massage to become a better person.

I know that doing yoga and meditation and receiving massage actually make you younger. 

I believe that we grow through helping others and our communities in ways that are balanced and help us as well.

My mission on the mat is to encourage more than I correct and to make yoga accessible to every person who wants to do it, regardless of their current abilities. I want to make yoga fun and to also honor the tradition of yoga as more than a physical practice. 

My mission as a massage therapist is to help people enjoy more useful bodies with more ease and stability while empowering them to cultivate mindful habits that will help their bodies.

Be aware that yoga is a slow, deep process. It will help you get in touch with your own inner light. Meditation is the same. Neither of these practices is a quick fix. They will show their benefits after years and years of practice. But if you are willing to show up regularly on your mat or your meditation cushion, you will find a new way of being. Your physical body will come into much more balance and it will bring your mind, your moods, and your relationships along with it. 

Massage is a slow process of reconnecting with your own body. There is a word used in bodywork circles that is appropriate. The "bodymind" is talked about in the literature of massage, describing this interconnected experience of living in a body that is affected by a mind and abiding in a mind that is affected by a body. They are really the same, so what helps one helps the other. Massage builds awareness and the connections throughout the body and mind start to communicate once more. This opens up a whole world of experience that was otherwise shut down.

Here are some lovely things clients have said about me:

Recommendations (from my LinkedIn Account):

Written by my client, Tony Palmer, a business executive:

“I strongly recommend Suzanne for personalized yoga instruction. As my teacher, she has exceeded my expectations and delivered above and beyond a very high standard of quality. As a 63 year old working professional and avid golfer, I came to Suzanne with a very specific request....increase my flexibility, especially in my shoulder area. Through highly customized individual sessions, she has taken me through a series of yoga movements designed specifically to accomplish my objectives. She even sends me pictures of key poses after each session to show my level of improvement. I am confident that Suzanne will provide the same level of professionalism and care to help you get to your goals. Trust me, Suzanne is who you want if you want to enjoy all the benefits of yoga.”

April 10, 2013, Tony was Suzanne's client

And my client, David Engelhard, Professional Musician 

Suzanne is a great person, and a skillful addition to any group that needs yoga, massage, or more! She is supportive, creative, and incredibly talented at everything she does. Wonderful person to be around!

February 20, 2013, Dave was Suzanne's client


Serving the Greater Atlanta Metro Area onsite or at my office in Decatur at

1549 Clairmont Road #208

Decatur, GA 30033


Mon - Fri: 9AM - 7PM

By appointment only.

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